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Here is the BTECH T-Shirt, the perfect combination of comfort, breathability,without compromise for our planet. Made with an innovative third-generation fiber called bamboo lyocell, this t-shirt is antibacterial, heat-adaptable and incredibly soft - so stretchy you'll forget you're even wearing it! Whether you're hitting the gym, jogging, or taking a leisurely stroll, the BTECH T-Shirt ensures you look and feel your best. Buy your BTECH T-Shirt today and discover comfort, breathability, unmatched softness while helping to reduce your carbon footprint!

BTECH Training T-Shirt

  • Why bamboo?

    •No pesticides needed


    • Plant  invasive and rapidly renewable


    •Requires 4 times less water than cotton


    •Absorbs 30% more oxygen than cotton


    •Natural antibacterial


    And more!

  • Benefits of bamboo day to day

    Natural antibacterial

    Less smell in your gym bag!


    Thermal adaptability

    Cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


    Environmentally friendly

    Less toxic waste and reduces your carbon footprint.